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"First Impressions Critical to Closing Sales Even Before Vehicle Shoppers Visit Dealership" JD Power finds out

"Sale is lost before a dealer can demonstrate how well it does everything else"

"1 in 4 shoppers who shop, but don’t buy from a dealer reject that dealer before they even speak with a sales consultant"

The key for dealers is to ensure they don’t lose the sale before a customer even steps foot on their lot.



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  • How many shoppers do you lose just on your first impression?

  • Is your photography working for you or against you?

  • Our partner dealers will create a competitive advantage and win customers online on their first impression with a 3X faster turnaround time than industry.

  • IT Management

  • Surveillance Camera System 

  • Equipment and Installation

  • Technology Support

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  • Is your website performing to the expectation of your investment?

  • What is your website traffic lead ratio? 

  • just lost a lead based on a 4-second rule.

  • ​Photographer

  • Operation Staff

  • Sales Manager

  • Salesperson

  • Deal Closure

  • Title Clerk

  • Automotive Buyer

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  • Can you be a victim of millions of dollars of a lawsuit or loss in reputation because of deficiencies in BPM or your employee's lack of professionalism? 

  • Do you have an efficient employee handbook that provides proper guidance, a responsibility matrix, and role definition?



  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) Audit 

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Audit 

  • Internal (IA)Audit 

  • Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Audit 

We can rely on Xcel Advantage to create a solution based on our business problems and needs.


Virginia Based Medium Size Dealership 

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says,

Give a man a pole, and he’ll catch a fish a week. Tell him what bait to use, and he’ll catch a fish a day. The flap side to that proverb is that we have seen new investors coming to the automotive industry without a pole, without bait, without knowledge and experience of the how and the where, runs a serious risk of famine.

Our knowledge and expertise will help our partner dealerships reach their goal much faster and increase in revenue, cost-efficiency, business productivity, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.



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