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Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) Audit 

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Audit 

Internal (IA)Audit 

Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Audit 

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Can your dealership pass an audit?

If you fail a Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) Audit:

  • Suspension or revocation of Dealer License 

  • Sever Fines and Penalties 

  • Suspension of Operator License & salesman License 

  • Jail time if convicted

  • Criminal Charges & More...

If you fail Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Audit: 

  • Sever Fine and penalties ( i.e.. buyers guide up to $43,792 per violation)

  • Criminal charges

  • Shutdown your business & More


If you fail an Internal (IA)Audit:

  • Loss of Sales and clients

  • Lawsuit

  • Inefficiency and unproductivity Operation & More

Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Audit: 

  • Shutdown your business without court orders or judgment

  • Seize anything you own

  • Criminal charges and severe penalties & More...

Dealership Audit

When dealerships fail to prioritize compliance, they put themselves at risk for crippling penalties, Lawsuits, Jail time, unwanted Troubles, Financial issues, and other obstacles that make it nearly impossible to stay in business. There’s the chance of losing your relationship with the dealer board, FTC, IRS, or even worse, your dealer license.

Dealership Audit

Our Audit Management Services expertise for the automotive industry is backed by 18+ years of experience and knowledge, making us a unique Audit Management Service provider for small to medium-sized dealerships. 

Deep Expertise in 

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) Auditing 

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Auditing 

  • Internal (IA)Auditing

  • Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Auditing

Dealership Audit



Our Partner dealers easily passed a random audit from MVDB with flying colors.
Also, a 45% to 60% increase in efficiency and employee confidence. 

Dealership Audit Xcel Advantage


We Audit for 
No Obligation

We provided an Audit for a medium-sized dealership in the mid-Atlantic region, scheduled by the owner to see how his business operates.

We identified:

  • Missing out on leads and credit Apps that can bring hundreds of dollars every day. 

  • Missing essential forms like inspection papers, and customer signatures on documents

  • Missing 6 buyers guide, and 14 vehicles had old, unrevised buyers guide


  • They could be fined $875,840 by FTC. (Federal Trade Commission fine per violation is $43,792). (14+6=20cars)(20cars *43,792/violation=$875,840)

  • They could have easily lost their dealer license from MVDB by missing inspection papers.

  • They were losing the opportunity on hundreds of dollars daily in leads and credit Apps.

  • It was a ticking time bomb and one gavel away from thousands of dollars of the lawsuit on missing customer signatures and essential discloser documents. 

Success Story at a Glance

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