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Business Process Management For Automotive Dealerships 

How does BPM add value to your business?

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Are you one strike of the judges' gavel away from a million-dollar loss?

-Uncompleted folders and flawed document procedures in a car dealership can result in thousands or millions in lawsuits and unwanted fees.

-Don't let your bad procedures be a time bomb that can destroy your company.


Are your finance deals lacking professionalism due to delayed payments from banks or incomplete paperwork?

-It is an economic imperative that your trades are above approach at all times, particularly for avoiding litigation. Therefore, it is paramount that your business playbook has ironclad procedures for financial transactions. 

Do you keep getting phone calls the moment you step away from your business? 

-Whether it is planning for growth, executing expansions, or developing business lines, it requires you to think beyond your business's current state.

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Do you keep repeating yourself because there are no formal documented procedures? 

Is your business dependent on a single employee?

--The last thing you want is a single point of failure that can take down all of your hard work. 

Is there a staff intentional/unintentional confusion, disputes, indecision?

Is it rising to the level of legal liability?

Is your employee turnover high?

-This inefficiency is penalizing every level of the business. From loss in institutional knowledge, loss in training investment, and loss in (most importantly) time.

Are you realizing the growth potential of your business?

BPM is the solution if you have the problems mentioned above.

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Track Record of Success

Our methodology has removed bottlenecks and increased efficiency by 70% for small to mid-sized dealerships, making your business run like clockwork. 

Ramped-up performance can include: 

  • 30% increase in cost-efficiency 

  • 40% to 60% increase in business productivity  

  • Substantial increases in employee retention and customer satisfaction. 


Leverage our experience and hard earned lessons to grow your business. 

Our business process management expertise for the automotive industry is backed by 18+ years of experience and knowledge, making us a unique BPM service provider for your dealership. 


Business process Auditing, Notation,
Re-engineering, and Implementation 


Employee Handbook 


Training and Mentorship at all levels of the organization 


Business Operations Playbook 

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